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When you're always tired...

How do you know when you are tired? Oncology massage therapies for all….

I think I must be tired. I didn’t need the alarm to wake me this morning, I awoke naturally but boy did I feel tired. This is possibly to be expected 0530 but I am a morning person (‘in a big way’ according to my lovely husband).
I progressed to the train station, having taken longer than usual to get ready. I entered the ticket collection code incorrectly 5 times before my triumphant success. Later I coveted the first class carriage. It looked like a good place for a nap. I didn’t nap (nor was I in first class) but I had trouble spelling.
I am off on my hols on Sunday – the summer will be spent at the seaside with the family. I think I must be ready for a break. We have a lot of projects on-going, you will see our specialist skincare for cancer patients on the high street in Autumn, we have launched Nationwide with Cowshed and we are to work with a big spa chain from next month, I’ve been special adviser to a big budget film, (starring someone so famous even I had heard of him, as had everyone in the wide demographic that is our office team), and we have been working with one of the biggest cancer charities in the UK. No wonder I am tired.  Bring on the beach.
My big girl might be leaving the country for good on Sunday morning. If she decides to go to Copenhagen to study she will go from holiday (uni terms start earlier in other countries, late August for Denmark). I will leave the UK with 3 daughters in the car and possibly return with only 2 on the back seat. She has some other options – we might get to keep her for a while longer.
Our oncology massage therapies have rest and relaxation at their heart. I think I might have to book in for a pre-holiday massage (between us, I have to have a serious leg wax first – that’s a job for tomorrow).
Sending smooth departures


Oncology Massage
24th September 2018 - Manchester
16th October 2018 - Leicester
19th October 2018 - Leeds
20th October 2018 - London
22nd October 2018 - Manchester
Holistic Trinity Facials
15th & 16th October 2018 - London
15th October 2018 - Manchester
Face & Body Treatments
1st & 2nd August 2018 - Birmingham
17th & 18th September 2018 - London (one place remaining)

4th & 5th October 2018 - Manchester

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