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Walking through the wilderness pioneering skincare for cancer patients

Walking through the wilderness – pioneering skincare for cancer patients

‘Shall we walk along that old railway line?’
This walk is the stuff of legend; often mentioned but elusive. I have looked for the abandoned railway line and failed to find it many times. About 2 months ago I asked a local and, under her tutelage, I found it. It was a wonderful, green, quiet walk. I enjoyed the solitude.
This morning I wondered if my lovely husband would like to walk the legend. He was keen. I had told him about the serenity.
A lot can change in 2 months in spring and early summer. The path (between rails and over sleepers) was overgrown. When I say overgrown, I mean covered in impenetrable foliage, comprising of vicious plants, shoulder high nettles and other stingy sharp things (yes, I am a Biologist and can confirm that these are the technical terms).
Three steps in
LH ‘does it get better?’
Me (non committal noises)
I didn’t consider not walking – we were walking so we walked. I went ahead, stepping over brambles and gently moving branches out of my way. I brushed past nettles and collected a headful of aphids.
LH stomped behind me destroying plants with his machete (big stick), making lots of noise and narrowly missing machete-ing the dog on numerous occasions. He was keen to control the environment.
Upon reflection, this walk is my walk through life. I decided I was to formulateskincare for cancer patients and to create spa and therapy qualifications. It wasn’t easy but it was my path and I took it.
30 minutes of destructive stomp brought us to a tunnel.  There was light at the other end; in we went.  I don’t know why I didn’t expect this  - it seems obvious now - it was totally black in the centre. If I had closed my eyes it could have been no darker. I didn’t like it and I would have stopped if I had been alone.
When we left of the tunnel I wanted to return to the car (I was late for work). LH pushed on so I followed (I wasn’t going back into that tunnel on my own).
This too is very telling. There have been a few tunnels, I have never been alone.
We did eventually return to the office, me with a head full of sticks and aphids. Both of us sporting stings and cuts.
If you receive a package from us in the next few days and it contains foliage, forgive us; it is because I was visiting the dispatch desk.
Sending serenity



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