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Size: 50g

Hip Headwear Headbands

Decorate your nightcap with one of the HipHeadwear Headbands. These headbands have been created to be worn over the top of the Hipheadwear Nightwear caps. You will recieve the patterned headband only.

We have three styles available:

  • Black Butterfly 
  • Brown with white pattern
  • Black with Pink pattern  

Just let us know in the gift message section which style you would like

Hipheadwear have a range of chemo headwear options ranging from turbans to headbands. Hipheadwear create handmade quality headcover.

The headwear is especially designed for women with hair loss or affected by temporary hairloss due to chemotherapy. The headcovers are lightweight and snug fitting.

The hipheadwear hats are natural products made of flexible viscose. It is a durable, washable fabric which keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. It will absorb moisture while retaining its light and comfortable style. All the hats are one size fits all.

All of the products are machine washable and will retain their shape and colour as long as you follow our simple instructions, 30 degree wash, low tumble dry, no bleach, or hot irons.