Shine Cancer Support - Nail Oil



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 30% of the product price is donated to this charity.

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 We donated our nail oil product to Shine's charity lunch as table favours. The feedback from the guests was wonderful – their nails had never looked so good. Long may it continue!

Losing your nails is a horrible side effect of chemotherapy treatments and can be very damaging to your self-esteem. Our nail oil was formulated to help prevent nail damage

Our nail oil contains easily absorbed oils chosen for their moisturising qualities. Cancer patients often suffer from nail damage as a result of chemotherapy. Moisturising the nails can help to prevent damage. Patients are advised to massage and moisturise their nails three times a day during chemotherapy. Types of nail damage can include, dry nails, brittle nails, loss of nails and ridges in the nails of both finger nails and toe nails.

This product is often bought by well-wishers as a gift for cancer patients. We are told that those receiving the gift are relieved to know that there is a beauty brand providing skin care for cancer patients.

Instructions for use

Apply this oil to moisturise the nails and cuticles three times a day during chemotherapy.


Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus persica), Macademia Oil (Macademia integrifolia), Vitamin E  (Tocopherol).


The Defiant Beauty Collection was formulated with the help of our local cancer centre.