Oncology Holistic and Beauty Therapy Qualifications

Women don't stop being women when they are diagnosed with cancer, but you have to stop treating them "for insurance reasons". Not any more!

Jennifer Young Training School is a specialist training school helping beauty and holistic therapists to work with those living with and beyond cancer. Our new qualifications allow you to use your skills safely and with confidence. You will be insured and supported and you will learn of the evidence to support your belief that you and your skills benefit those affected by cancer.

Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young was created to help women as they go through treatment for cancer. Our clients enjoy Defiant Beauty, recognising that it brings luxurious beauty back into their bathroom.

Many of the women that we help tell us that they miss trips to the salon, or worse, have been turned away from salons when they have been brave enough to visit.

Therapists have asked us to create a new qualification that will allow them to work with patients and be insured to do so.

It has taken a while, but we have done it.

Course Reviews

Never before have I been on such an informative and comprehensive course - it takes beauty to another level. I cannot speak highly enough of this course. THANKYOU

AB - 20 November 2014 - London

Many thanks for sending through the info and thanks again for an excellent course on Monday. Wow, so much information, and everything highly relevant and informative. I will have some time over the weekend to study everything again and check where I am up to. Can't wait to get cracking on case studies. Thanks again, and hope you're ok. Was lovely to meet you!

CB - 27 November 2014 - Manchester

Thank you for a lovely day on Monday products are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to working with you

Anne Marie - 27 November 2014 - Manchester

We both loved the course  - mum spoke very highly of it and is looking forward to getting started. I hope this is just the start of something much bigger - there are so many people out there who so desperately need this gentle touch and care when undergoing such aggressive treatments. I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt this could give cancer sufferers so much relief and a little bit of time out of the hamster wheel of treatment and hospital visits and also the potential of relief from some of the nasty side effects treatment can bring. More importantly - the clients can at last enjoy a facial with luxourious products in a relaxing, serene setting that is beyond cancer suite walls - at a time when peace, calm and rest is needed more than ever - you have now provided a means to do this. The physical healing effects from your lovely products and the effects on mind, body & spirit of the treatment is a truly wonderful combination. I hope that mamy many people will get to experience this.

Mel - 25 November 2014 - South Cheshire

This is the most complex beauty course that I have ever attended, complex in a good way, it has changed the way I look at beauty and products and has made me a better therapist. I can't wait to start sharing my new skills.

F London 16th & 17th June Manchester Venue