• Skin can become damaged during treatment for cancer
  • Treatment may also impact nail health

Skin Care Gifts for Cancer Patients

By Jennifer Young

Skin can become extra sensitive, dry, sore and itchy during treatment for cancer and it is burned by radiation treatment. You often ask us about skin care for cancer patients and gifts for cancer patients. Here we discuss gifts for cancer patients. Skin care for cancer patients is discussed in detail on our skin care advice page.

Gifts for Cancer Patients

Of course, we are going to recommend Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young as a gifts for cancer patients. Cancer patients tell us again and again how they yearn for luxury skin care for cancer patients but they are not able to get any that they are comfortable using. Looking good whilst going through treatment is important to all for a variety of reasons.

You often ask us which products you should buy as a gift. The answer depends upon the treatment and the way in which the cancer patient is reacting to the treatment. We suggest Itchy Skin Oil for anyone going through radiation treatment BUT only if it is used as described in our blog Looking After Your Skin During Radiotherapy. More information on the effects of radiation therapy on the skin damaged skin on our post on skin damage from radiation therapy.

As chemotherapy attacks the skin as well as the tumour, we recommend a wider range of products as skin care for cancer patients undergoing chemo. Defiant Beauty Serum is a wonderfully moisturising and soothing product for the face andDefiant Beauty Intensive Serum is loved by many who feel that going through diagnosis and treatment has left them looking worn.

Dry skin on the body is common and you tell us some amazing things about our Itchy Skin Oil and Smooth Skin Balm. The Smooth Skin Balm is one of the few Defiant Beauty products to contain essential oils and so it is best to check if the person that you are buying a gift for can tolerate fragrance.

Many cancer patients suffer from dry lips, Defiant Beauty Lip Balm is extra moisturising and luxurious.

If you really don't know which gifts for cancer patients are best, buy them a gift voucher and let them decide for themselves.

Bespoke Gifts

Many of our Defiant Beauty clients are able to tolerate some fragrances and want to enjoy a fragranced product. All Jennifer Young Consultants are trained in the needs of cancer patients and can help them to create their own unique products from ingredients suitable for use during treatment for cancer. You have told us that cancer can steal your identity and become the only thing that people talk to you about and that you crave something esle to do between treatment.

All Jennifer Young Consultants are fully aware of this and will never ask a direct question of individuals regarding cancer survivorship or treatment (but they are happy to chat if you want to start the conversation). Instead, during a Jennifer Young Event, all clients will be told of contraindications associated with the oils that we use. The consultants tell all which oils should not be tried or sampled if the client wishes to avoid phyto-oestrogens.

Gifts Vouchers can also be used at Jennifer Young Events

Which Product

Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a specialist skin care range developed for cancer patients as they go through treatment for cancer. Often chemotherapy and radiotherapy damage the skin making it sore, sensitive dry and itchy. Our skin care advice for cancer patients is evidence based and fully referenced.

Defiant Beauty is a complete skincare range, including products for facescalp and body. Ovarian Cancer treatment can result in dry, sensitive, flaking and itchy skin, as can treatment for breast cancer, womb cancer and cervical cancer. 

One client under-going treatment for Ovarian Cancer told us that every time she got undressed there was a big shower of flaking skin. She described it as her whole body having dandruff. She also told us that the itching was driving her mad. We recommended Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil and Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm. Both soothe and moisturise the skin, our clients tell us that itchy skin becomes a thing of the past.

Gifts for male cancer patients

Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a specialist skin care range  developed for cancer patients as they go through treatment for cancer. Often chemotherapy and radiotherapy damage the skin making it sore, sensitive dry and itchy. Our skin care advice for Cancer patients is evidence based and fully referenced.

Our Gift Set for Men contains the skin care products that we felt most appropriate for male cancer patients.

We listened to cancer patients, cancer survivors and cancer care specialists when they told us about 'chemo skin' as a side effect of cancer treatment for male cancers. We took advice from lead nursing staff about the ingredients that we shouldn't use, we did lots of research about the best ingredients to use and we tried our products extensively. We asked others to try them and we listened when we were told about the very special, and very specific skin care needs of men under-going treatment for cancer.

Defiant Beauty is a complete skincare range, including products for facescalp and body. Cancer treatment can result in dry, sensitive, flaking and itchy skin.

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