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Our Experiences writers have all been diagnosed with cancer, or are the child of one diagnosed. Here they write of their experiences, not just of the diagnosis but also of treatment, the effects of treatment, dealing with the feelings of others when it is they that have been diagnosed, moving on from cancer and how they have changed as a result of the diagnosis. 

This team is inspirational and provide a unique insight into the 'experience'. 


Diagnosis is devastating - all of the writers here have experienced it either directly or they are the child of one diagnosed with cancer. The writers may not be able to help you directly but they do have knowledge and experience and they can lead you to the best professional help and support.

Living with Cancer

Many people live with cancer, treatment can become a regular part of life. The Experience writers that live with cancer help you by showing you how full life is for them and how they manage all of the demands on their time and expertise.

Life after cancer

Many Experience writers have changed their lives significantly as a result of their experiences of cancer. Some have changed what they eat and how they exercise, others have cancer related businesses and fight for a fair deal and better facilities for patients and those that have been through treatment.

Cancer and men

Many men are diagnosed with cancer. There are far fewer blogs for men and male cancers compared to high profile 'female' cancers. Experience relates to men too and you will find some articles specifically for men.