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"A friend recommended Defiant Beauty Lip Balm. The improvement was incredible."

By Sally

Sally, 43, has been hit by a double whammy – extremely sensitive skin and a tendency to get cold after cold through the winter. As we all know, constant nose blowing can cause dry sore skin around the nose. Add to sore, dry, cracked lips and Sally was suffering.

This is bad enough for each of us but Sally is a language teacher and singer-not moving her lips was not an option. Every time Sally spoke, ate, sang, or smiled – it re-opened the cracks at the side of her mouth.


‘My mouth was sore and I was miserable. I had big dry patches at the side of my nostrils, so not only was I physically uncomfortable, I wasn’t looking my best!

I needed help! I had been using lip balm throughout and it wasn’t making the slightest bit of difference. A friend recommended Defiant Beauty Lip Balm. The improvement was incredible. It seems to protect and nourish my lips and they healed within days. I used it on my very sore dry patches and they healed very soon after.

It felt as though the lip balm had cured me of the last remnants of the cold that had been with me for months’


Lips often suffer as a result of chemotherapy. We recommend that Defiant Beauty Lip Balm be used from the start of treatment1.


1. Thomas, R., 2011. Lifestyle and Cancer The Facts: Learn how to live stronger for longer. 2nd ed. s.l.: Health Education Publications, p. 213.

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