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Would you like to volunteer?

Would you like to volunteer? I have words and too much to say….


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A lot can happen in a week.
I write from the wonderful Rudding Park. I did it - I remained standing, gave a facial and didn’t pass out as I was concentrating so hard that I forgot to breathe………and …..I conducted a radio interview. My prize? A bath menu. I could get used to a bath menu.
I am blessed by so much more than a bath menu. I knew you would have some good ideas for my NEC talk. Thanks to Bz, my talk for the open stage at Holistic Health is on the subject of Summer Skincare – you can see the full ‘blurb’ at the bottom of this newsletter.
This suggestion was more than a little timely. The day after Bz sent me her fantastic talk title, I was asked to do some teaching in the exotic and sunny (drum roll please) Hong Kong
I love to teach, I hardly ever do it and I am now able to offer my very favourite (shhhh, I know, I shouldn’t have favourites) qualification in Hong Kong. There is a story I could tell you about an aborted family holiday to Hong Kong – another time. For now, if you fancy a trip to Asia in November and would like to combine it with some learning – please join us. This unique course will be a combination of oncology massage and aromatherapy for those affected by cancer.
If you would like to learn more about aromatherapy for those affected by cancer, but don’t want to fly for 14 hours, we have one (or two?) places left on the London course in July.
Volunteer Request
Breaking news
Would you like to do some regular volunteer work on an NHS chemo ward in Yorkshire. If you have one of our post-graduate qualifications and can commit to regular sessions, please get in touch.
If you can’t commit to regular sessions in Yorkshire but can volunteer for one session in central London on 1 July 2017 we’d like to hear from you.
Enough for now, it is bath time.
Sending bubbles


Helping those affected by cancer with their summer skincare
The summer brings skincare challenges to us all. Cancer treatment can result in side effects for the skin; the sun exacerbates many of these side-effects and can trigger more.
During this interactive and informative talk Jennifer Young, creator of specialist skincare collection Defiant Beauty and founder of the Jennifer Young Training School looks at the ways in which the sun can affect us all.
Jennifer will give practical hints and tips relevant to everyone and will provide a greater insight into the skincare challenges faced by many living with and beyond cancer.


Join me on my Oncology Aromatherapy course in London  7-8 July 2017
Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Holistic Health NEC 21 & 22 May 2017

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