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Try something new everyday – ten thousand steps?

Try something new everyday – ten thousand steps?


walking, ten thousand steps, walking through grass, out for a walkwalking, ten thousand steps, walking through grass, out for a walk, sunshine with a walk


‘Try something new everyday’ and ‘take 10 000 steps a day’ are recurring messages. I hear them almost everywhere. I have been attempting both.
Trying something new is the easier of the two – new walking routes, new countries, new friends, new food, I might even be bold and try a new colour varnish or a different style of shirt (I’m unlikely to go quite that far).
Ten thousand steps??? How does anyone fit ten thousand steps into a day? I walk the dog. I thought I had 10k nailed. My phone says otherwise. I have been walking for hours, often making phone calls as I walk so that I am able to make the most of the two plus hours I spend pounding the streets (ok, woodland paths). Sunday changed everything. I walked 9000 steps in an hour. A record. Realisation dawned. Holding the phone steady whilst I walk and talk does not result in a high step count – no matter the number of steps taken. Nor does placing the phone in a pocket close to my body mean that the phone moves- no movement, no steps. I think I have been walking at least 20 000 steps to get 10 000 steps registered on the phone. The dog is having a great time.
No more miscounting. The phone is strategically positioned for maximum movement. I’ve saved myself hours. I honestly could not work out how anyone ever had enough time for 10 000 steps.
Ten thousand steps at the NEC this weekend might be possible. I will be standing all day. Please come to visit us at stand C20. Jo and I will be there and if I am bobbing from foot to foot – you know why. It is in the name of 10 000.
You are more than welcome at my talks. The first, 1030 Sunday, is part of the FHT Training Congress. The second, Monday 1615, is a free talk on the Holistic Health Demo Stage. I probably won’t be bobbing by 1615 on day 2.
I am speaking about the benefits of oncology massage and touch therapies for cancer patients, the joys and challenges of working with those living with and beyond cancer and summer skincare for those affected by cancer. We will be on the stand ready and willing to discuss our post-graduate diplomas in beauty and holistic therapies for cancer patients. We might……..just might……have our sparkly new skincare brand with us.
Try something new everyday.
Sending a spring for your steps  



Join me on my Oncology Aromatherapy course in London  7-8 July 2017
Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Holistic Health NEC 21 & 22 May 2017

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