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Measuring outcomes – massage for cancer patients

Measuring outcomes – massage for cancer patients

I am an FHT girl for the coming weeks (heaven help them). My next two FHT hostedcancer awareness for beauty and holistic therapists courses are in Leeds on 18 November, closely followed by London on 2 December. My lovely husband is back from the US for the London course – he is coming to London with me on 1 December for a sneaky day out and theatre trip (but don’t tell him about the theatre, it’s a surprise) before he returns to the US for his final two weeks there. It is great when a plan comes together.
I am hoping that my plan for the third FHT engagement comes together. I am speaking at the FHT Conference, again in London, on 29th November. I’ve been booked to present there since spring. As the date approaches I look at the nowcomplete programme, oh.my.life, I am in esteemed company. FHT have organised a day filled with Professors and medics and…..me. I’m on last – the big finish. I feel a bit sick.
I will have all of our trained therapists there with me (in spirit), helping me to feel slightly less unsettled. I will present the evidence that the therapists we train collect as part of their case studies. This weeks plan includes detailed data analysis (Shairahas a degree in Bio Medicine and Charlotte (dispatch) is doing a Masters in the same – we should be able to analyse our data, I hope we will be able to analyse our data…..)
I can refer to the information as evidence as we collect it in a structured, recognised and standardised way. I will be able to report with confidence on the concerns that clients affected by cancer want specialist complimentary therapists to address and how effective therapists are at addressing those concerns. The information is powerful and a huge testament to the wonderful work that our therapists do.
I can feel a big finish coming on.
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Oncology Massage
Leicester - 15th January 2019
Manchester - 21st January 2019
London - 2nd February 2019
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