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Trying something new, making something new – skincare for cancer patients


Trying something new, making something new – skincare for cancer patients

‘Try something new everyday’  - advice given by one of my private hospital clients to their cancer patients – experiences and challenges by prescription; I love it.
I’ve been trying Cornwall this week – it is half term and a birthday week for my youngest, as well as my eldest. We thought we would give Cornwall a go as I was invited to visit a new, and glorious, spa client and a surf lesson seemed like a fun birthday present.
It was a good decision; we have been blessed by the most beautiful weather and scenery. All enjoyed the surf lesson, especially the instructor who kept the family Young out for hours longer than planned as ‘the sun is shining and the waves keep coming’
Every time I listen to the advice prescribed by my healthcare colleagues to try something new I remember how much I love to learn. I have been reflecting on how I like to spend time and activities that bring me joy. Learning how to make something that I couldn’t make before is high on the list – a good thing as that is a big part of my job. Specialist skincare for cancer patients is expanding – entirely new product types are coming soon – and I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering how we can make the newbies.
Another birthday cake is next on the make list…..my eldest doesn’t do new, especially when it comes to cake – the words ‘new’ and ‘different’ used in the same sentence as 'cake' are both provocative and upsetting…….tempting though eh?
I could make a cake from soap….
Sending birthday bubbles


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