The kindness of strangers

The kindness of strangers

‘Hey Jennifer, I am with a mum we support in Liverpool and wonder if you know anywhere in the area where she could get a massage treatment.’
I received this text from the founder of Mummy’s Star on Friday afternoon. What an honour it is to be able to help. I called House of Beauty Spa and Basement 55 Therapies – both local and both absolutely lovely. House of Beauty Spa was distraught not to be able to help. They are fully booked until after Christmas (good for them). They stock a good selection of our gift sets, whilst explaining their logistical issue, owner Margaret said,
‘put us in touch so we can send her one of your gift sets’ 
Our office is open plan, everyone knew what was happening, the gift set was wrapped and waiting before I made the calls. The team were on it without being asked. They also spent the weekend Whats App chatting about the most suitable gifts to send to the two pre-schoolers who are part of the same family.  I am not going to spoil the surprise but I can reassure you that Santa will not disappoint.
Janet of Basement 55 was more than happy to swing into action, offering to travel to give an at home treatment if needed.
Job done.
Not quite.
Text - 0900 Saturday (from House of Beauty Spa)
‘Amy, one of our JY trained therapists will work over to help this lady – can you let her know’
closely followed by
‘we hadn’t heard of Mummy’s Star but now we have we would like to offer one free treatment a month to any local ladies supported by Mummy’s Star.’
As if I hadn’t been weeping at the kindness of strangers enough already.
Our wonderfully generous spas and therapists have a good track record of kindness. All of our spas offer free treatments to those affected by cancer, and often lunch and use of the facilities, when we deliver our training. Mummy’s Star and Ellie’s Friends (part of Maggie’s) are kind enough to recruit our models for us.
Cowshed and Soho House has planned four events in 2019, inviting guests living with and beyond cancer for a treatment and afternoon tea. Some of our spas also offer one treatment a month via Ellie’s FriendsRudding Park Spa donate their Jennifer Young Trained therapists to the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre to provide therapies on the chemo ward.
I have the best job. Ever. 
Sending kindness

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