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No time for a cold...

No time for a cold – therapeutic skincare

One more sleep to the big day – an audience of 200 at NHS think tank The Kings Fund and I woke up with a stinking cold. This is not the time. I raided our manufacturing lab and dosed up on therapeutic essential oils – I will be at The Kings Fund tomorrow. I will. The two undergraduate pharmacists working on dispatch today had other ideas for my quick recovery. I stand resolute – essential oils will do for me.
This is a big week in many ways, not least, as the new products (two years in the planning) are now available - and they are ON OFFER - feel free to do a little dance, I won’t as I am on maximum energy conservation, do one for both of us.
I have long wanted to do more to harness the power of essential oils in skincare.Defiant Beauty (skincare for those with very sensitive skin and for those in treatment for cancer) contains very few (well-chosen) essential oils, Beyond Beauty (for those who are beyond their treatment for cancer) utilises some potent anti-ageing and rejuvenating essential oils. The Chakra Gift Sets are awash with essential oils linked to each of the chakras.
There was more that could be done, so, I did it (one day I will learn)
The Hot Beauty Collection
Hot Beauty supports women affected by menopause – the symptoms associated with menopause are many and varied. I had to narrow down the offering so we have two main categories, uplift and relax, in bodyface and home fragrance.
The Essentials Collection
Before I was an aromatherapist, I was a frustrated aromatherapist. The Essential Collection was created to help others to blend. The kits come with recipes and instructions for creating your own blends. These guys are popular and are out of stock online at the mo – we have a stash and are happy to share – get in touch if you would like to place an order.
The Well-Being Beauty Collection
I am not sure that I should have got started on Well-Being. It all got a bit out of hand - it is a big collection. I had to subdivide it into chakra collections and therapeutic collections.

Most of these blends are available as
Moisturising Shea Mousse
Body Oil
Bath Oil
Foot Soak
Diffusers (again, out of stock online but we will share our stash)
Gift Sets

All of the therapeutic blends have been created to solve a problem often associated with diagnosis of and treatment for cancer. These conditions experienced by many who are not directly affected by cancer.

Vitality Blend
Key ingredients - Cardamom and ginger
Benefit? - These essential oils have been chosen as they are said to reduce nausea 

Serenity Blend
Key ingredients  - Mandarin and frankincense
Benefit? - These essential oils have been chosen as they are said to promote peace

Spring Sunshine Blend
Key ingredients  - Lemon and lavender
Benefit? - These essential oils are formulated to bring energy and sunshine– as well as putting a spring in your step

Holistic Wellness Blend
Key ingredients - Lime and black pepper
Benefit  - These essential oils have been chosen as they promote balance

Calming Blend
Key ingredients - Lime and bergamot
Benefit - These essential oils have been chosen as they bring tranquillity

Mental Clarity Blend
Key ingredients - Lavender and eucalyptus
Benefit - These essential oils have been chosen as they are said to relieve headaches

Confidence Blend
Key ingredients - Patchouli and ylang ylang
Benefit - These essential oils have been chosen to give self-confidence

Concentration Blend
Key ingredients - Peppermint and lime
Benefit  - These essential oils have been chosen as they aid concentration and focus

Sleep Ritual Blend
Key ingredients -Ylang ylang, frankincense and mandarin
Benefit -These essential oils have been blended to promote sleep

There is a cheeky seasonal addition (Ho Ho Ho)
Drinks & Nibbles Blend
Key ingredients Orange, cinnamon and clove
Benefit - Christmas in a bottle, use as a room fragrance
Now you know why I have a cold…..

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Oncology Massage
Leicester - 15th January 2019
Manchester - 21st January 2019
London - 2nd February 2019 
Edinburgh - 17th February 2019
Manchester - 20th May 2019
London - 10th June 2019
Face & Body Treatments
London - 14th & 15th January 2019
Manchester - 11th & 12th March 2019
London - 13th & 14th May 2019
Manchester - 15th & 16th July 2019
London - 16th & 17th September 2019

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