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A day in the life of a Training School Manager

A day in the life of a Training School Manager 

My name is Shaira Mohammed and I was the training school manager at Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer until the beginning of May 2019. I organised ourspecialist oncology courses by liaising with our tutors and venues as well as keeping in touch with all the therapists we have trained. Spa Welcome courses are also part of what our training school offers, I worked alongside our spa distributors to help introduce JY qualifications into spas.
Before I joined the JY team, I was completing my Biomedical Science degree at Keele University, as this was my first full time position I learnt a lot from this job. The greatest challenge was prioritising my time for the most important tasks, when there are multiple projects on the go, completing something from start to finish isn’t the best approach, so learning to jump between projects and prioritise my time better was what I learnt. This goes hand in hand with my favourite part of the job – being given responsibility over my domain, e.g. training school. I was given full rein to handle training school projects - plan, organise and execute which helped me gain confidence in my own work. Also, being a little OCD, the control freak in me enjoyed being given responsibility.
And lastly, my fave JY product has to be the lip balm, super moisturising and long lasting, I always have one in my bag everywhere I go.

As you all probably already know, we have an office dog which prompts the discussion of what animal we each would be – I chose goldfish – fuss free animal, creates minimal mess and I’m not even an animal person so of course I chose a really boring animal to be.
As I write this on my last day with the JY team, I wish the company all the best for the future and I urge everyone to subscribe to Jennifer’s blog because they were the highlight of my Thursday mornings reading them when I came into the office. 
Sending productive vibes


Oncology Massage

London - 10th June 2019

Manchester - 24th June 2019

London  - 29th July 2019

Manchester  - 2nd September 2019

London  - 10th September 2019

Leicester - 1st November 2019

Manchester - 21st November 2019

London - 2nd December 2019

Manchester 11th December 2019

Face & Body Treatments

Manchester - 15th & 16th July 2019

London - 16th & 17th September 2019

London  25th - 26th Novemner 2019


London - 18th November 2019

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