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Getting out of your comfort zone skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage

Getting out of your comfort zone – skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage


Are you a creature of habit? If asked a week ago I would have vehemently denied being such a creature - I did, after all, have a total work change when I was asked to create our skincare for cancer patients. Ditto with the accredited oncology qualifications.
One of my lovely London hospital friends runs a living with and beyond cancer lifestyle course (it has a much snappier title). One of the ‘hints and tips’ for a good mental health is to do something new everyday.
What have you done that is new today? I write from having delivered two days of training in Glasgow. It is unusual for me to deliver training and I haven’t been to Scotland in a while. It appears that I am adventure personified until…….it’s time for a haircut.
The ‘post A level super hard work treat’ (another snappy title) is a trip to Liverpool for a hair colour, cut, finish and shop. I need a haircut. I have been to the one and only hairdresser for at least 20 years. It would make good time-management sense for me to have my hair done at the same time as my girl. The very thought of a new hairdresser makes me hyperventilate. How did this happen?
I think I can be forgiven for taking my holidays when school is out but the same destination for the same holiday period? May Half Term is usually The Netherlands, summers are spent in Croatia (in my defence, we take a different route there and back…occasionally), Easter and its time for the French booze run.
This is embarrassing.
It’s time to try something new – next time you see me I will have a green and purple Mohican. At least I will be on brand.
Sending something new (and colourful)




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