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Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations – oncology massage does more for cancer patients

Yesterday evening I visited Tony, my physio.
‘ I haven’t seen you for years, how are you doing?’

 ‘great but my back hurts’

 (expectant pause, encouraging nods)

‘well, you know that thing that we all do with our kids,  lying flat, legs up and straight, at right angles to the body, feet facing the ceiling, supporting the weight of the child who is ‘flying’ whilst lying above the body?’
‘I was doing that with my eldest on Friday night; by Saturday morning I needed a hip replacement’
‘and how old is your eldest?’
‘That’s probably what’s done it’
When I arrived at Tony’s I definitely, 100% needed a hip replacement, maybe two. Within the hour I skipped home, not only did I no longer require major surgery (and, bless him, Tony did check both hips, all good) but my shoulders were no longer tight, my head was not quite as attached to my neck as it had been, flexibility had increased in my upper back. He had fixed issues I didn’t even know I had. That man (part physio, part magician) absolutely exceeded expectations.
I often hear the same from those affected by cancer who are using our specialist products or have experienced a treatment. When our specialist therapists touchsomeone, they do more than help them to relax. Almost every case study that I read reports improved sleep after a Jennifer Young oncology touch therapy, very many report improved mood and reduced pain. The most moving are those who tell me about feeling safe and secure for the first time in a very long time.
We are lucky enough to have clients who recognise that our therapists, tutors andproducts exceed expectations – these comments were made on our Facebook pages this week. I cried.
‘One of my hero shops. Highly recommended for products like the itchy skin oil which I’ve been using for the past 18 months & has reduced the radiation sunburn from 8 years ago. Amazing!  8 years ago it was sooo difficult to find someone who was able to give massages whilst I had radiotherapy. You’ve helped make that change that will help millions of others. I always stress to people that the mental health aspects of getting through this successfully is to have personal time. Your thought leadership notes are vitally important for the person going through it and those supporting whether female or male. I am lucky I have an amazingly understanding & supportive husband. Pls keep up the good work you’re making a difference !!’
‘Fabulous team and company. I’m so glad I came across Jennifer Young and her products!! They have been perfect for my line of work and I have now attended four courses so far and have learned so much each time which has given me the confidence to support my clients effectively. The ongoing support and advice from the team is fantastic and couldn’t fault them. I’m looking forward to attending the next course soon and developing my skills to help others. Thanks everyone’
Sending high flying 



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