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Essential oil blends for cancer patients

Essential oil blends for cancer patients and the worst is over

The worst is over, the new products are finalised, available and popular; my teaching and talking engagements are almost done for the year (Harley Street hosts me tomorrow for my last ‘talk’ of 2018) and the madness begins.
Regular readers know that the Family Young Christmas is never a quiet event – this year we have 26 in attendance for Christmas lunch and an additional 10–15 for pre-lunch drinks. The kitchen is the focal point of our house and is our all-purpose party room. My lovely husband often attends Christmas drinks sporting his dressing gown and party hat, keeping one eye on the sprouts. I don’t like sprouts and I do like champagne – our motivation is as wildly different as our party attire.
As if this wasn’t enough, we make our Christmas gifts – something different every year. ‘Pathetic Homemades’ have been in production for sometime now, still more creating is required before we can call it a wrap (yes, that pun was intended, I’m quite proud of it).  Life is busy.
Without giving too much away about the ‘pathetics’ – my daughters and I have been blending. I was asked to write about how I blend for a magazine recently; I thought you might be interested (no secrets here, despite the season).
‘My background (I am a biologist and a lawyer) means that evidence- based clinical research is the only place to start when blending essential oils in order to solve a physical or emotional problem. I use medical evidence to draw up a short list of oils and strike off the many that are not appropriate for use with cancer patients. The remaining oils are both safe for use by cancer patients and have evidence to demonstrate their efficacy. I use these oils by to create an exquisite blend with a purpose’
Most of my recent speaking engagements have been about evidence – either collecting data to demonstrate our effectiveness or using published research to inform our decisions.  The therapists we train know how to collect the data – our offer to analyse it for you to use in your marketing materials or when speaking with health care professionals is always open – all you need to do is send us the data. We are happy to help.
Sending seasonal secrets (far too many of them)



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