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Oh the injustice – skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage

Oh the injustice – skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage

‘I am such a white girl’ said my 15-year-old white girl, laughing at her moves, dancing in PE.
Soon after, her teacher accused her of racism, thereby very much upsetting my not in any way racist daughter.

I seek a reality check, from you guys; this isn’t a rant about political correctness gone mad.
I am very much in favour of the careful use of language and sensitive to casual discrimination.
I don’t tolerate injustice well and therein lies my uncertainty. 
I created beauty collections for those affected by cancer because I rage at injustice.The beauty business is a big one,
why did my NHS local hospital have to ask a random stranger (me) to formulate a specialist skincare range?
They had to ask, as there was no specialist skincare in existence. They recognised that their patients wanted to
access beauty in the same way they had before diagnosis.
I had to work with them to create specialist skincare for cancer patients as the lack of one was an injustice – these patients deserved better.
The Jennifer Young accredited oncology massage and oncology touch therapy trainingwas born of the same determination to right a wrong. Spas and beauty therapists were discriminating against those affected by cancer by refusing to touch them – always driven by pure intention as well as insurance concerns, nevertheless, it wasn’t inclusive. Accredited qualifications were needed to right the wrong – so I created some training courses.
This sensitivity makes me doubt my response to my white girl (blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin and rosy cheeks) being accused of being racist after referring to herself as a white girl. It was an act of self-depreciation – she doesn’t think she is a great dancer – that was clear from context.
You can tell me if you think I am wrong in not supporting the PE teacher in this.
My girl is really unsettled at the thought that she could be perceived as being racist (or sexist or any other ‘ist’) as she isn’t.
In the meantime, we could always practice our freestyle dancing….

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Oncology Massage
Leicester - 15th January 2019
Manchester - 21st January 2019
London - 2nd February 2019
Edinburgh - 17th February 2019
Manchester - 20th May 2019
London - 10th June 2019
Face & Body Treatments
London - 14th & 15th January 2019
Manchester - 11th & 12th March 2019
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