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Popping up in Wales and Birmingham

Pop ups and popping off

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I am sure that my profile on the Beauty Despite Cancer team page used to say that I pop up in the most unexpected places. I decided to change it when I attended a meeting with a global organisation assuming that my colleague would have mentioned that I was coming too. She hadn’t. I was a surprise. The CEO said ‘Your profile is right, you do pop up unexpectedly’.  I was embarrassed.
I didn’t think anyone was going to read my profile……I’ve changed it now. 
Or, at least I thought I had, when I set up the link (above), I discovered I am still threatening a pop up. Some things never change.
The boss has caught the pop up vibe – we are popping up at a wonderful charity in South Wales to offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Reflexology on 15th May. Please join us – we hardly ever run courses in Wales, despite our best intentions, they just never seem to happen.
We will also be in Birmingham in May, Jo and I will be on our stand and we’d really would really like to chat. I will be talking at the FHT Training Congress on Sunday 21 May. It is at the NEC as part of the Holistic Health show. I’d better not miss my train; I am first up at 1030.  The talk ‘blurb’ is below you are very welcome to attend – booking is essential.
Bringing the skills of the therapist to those living with and beyond cancer; in both the healthcare and independent settings
Jennifer Young didn’t want to work with cancer patients. It was never part of the plan when retraining to become a therapist, leaving her scientific background behind her. In fact, the only plan was never to work with cancer patients.
Everything changed when some ladies from her local NHS cancer centre asked her to create a skincare range for cancer patients. Driven by injustice and the recognition that she had no choice, Jennifer created a specialist skincare collection.
Five years later, a phone call asking her to provide appearance and well-being services from a new flagship NHS cancer centre brought Jennifer further into the world of cancer support.
In this lively, interactive and fun workshop Jennifer prepares you for the joys and challenges of working in the world of cancer support. This workshop is for anyone wishing to work with those living with and beyond cancer. Bring your ideas and your fears – ideas will be developed and fears addressed.
I am trying to do 6 yoga classes this week – I am a woman on a mission. It’s time to pop off. I hope to see you soon.
Sending surprises……


PS thanks for the very positive response to the own brand skincare suggestion. I might get to play with different oils. Happy Days.


Join me on my Oncology Aromatherapy course in London  7-8 July 2017
Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Holistic Health NEC 21 & 22 May 2017

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