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RCPCH Supports Mental Health Crisis Concordat

In support of the Department of Health's 'Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat: Improving outcomes for people experiencing mental health crisis' the President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health responds.

Posted on Feb 27 2014

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The Art of Display

Hello everyone. This month I am going to talk about how to add finishing touches to a room by creating beautiful displays of your favourite possessions. These finer details harmonise a room, lifting it from ordinary to amazing and bringing out its’ soul.

Posted on Feb 25 2014

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Centres of Excellence by Anita Care

It is said that one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lives. Surgery is not always the answer but is often required, leaving the woman with specific needs for bra and swimsuit measuring and fitting.

Posted on Feb 21 2014

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Ireland leads the way in Cancer Beauty

I know that it might be considered a bit extravagant to travel to Dublin to attend a party but this wasn’t just any party. It was the launch of Roches new positive appearance centre in Dublin4.

Posted on Feb 14 2014

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Practice a Little Self Love on Valentine’s Day

Hearts, flowers, chocolates and (oh yes please) lingerie, candlelit dinners, and... sweating it out in primary school worrying that I wouldn’t get ‘enough’ paper Valentines to prove I was liked by the other kids! Oh the pressure!

Posted on Feb 12 2014

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Alcohol Consumption Raises Skin Cancer Risk

Regular alcohol drinking could increase your risk of developing melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, by up to 55 per cent, according to research published in the British Journal of Dermatology today.

Posted on Feb 10 2014

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