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Maintaining your identity going through cancer treatment

When you are diagnosed with cancer many thoughts go through your head, but it is strange the first one that popped into my head was ‘will I lose my hair’? I don’t think I’m alone here, I know many people who have been diagnosed with cancer and we all have the same concern to one degree or another, how will the cancer treatment affect how I look?

Posted on Sep 27 2013

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Your face is a reflection of your internal health

According to the principles of Chinese Face Reading, the internal organ systems are represented in different areas of the face; therefore focussing on changes in the appearance of your face, be it muscle tone or the texture of your skin, can keep you aware of any internal imbalances.

Posted on Sep 26 2013

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Positivity in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis

Many thanks to CB, one of our amazing clients. CB called our offices with a query about delivery and was persuaded to write a blog for us (let that be a lesson to you all). CB's outlook is so positive and determined, we hope you enjoy reading about it.

Posted on Jul 26 2013

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Why don't we include oils known as plant oestrogens in our Defiant Beauty Range?

Phyto-oestrogens, or plant oestrogens, are naturally occurring chemicals that have a structure similar to the female hormone oestrogen. Oils such as borage, avocado, evening primrose and soy are plant oestrogens. We do not include these oils in our Defiant Beauty Collections as these products have been formulated specifically as skin care for cancer patients and some cancers, particularly breast cancer, are oestrogen positive. About 7 out of 10 breast cancers are oestrogen positive. They contain receptors that allow proteins or hormones to attach to the cancer cells. The hormones cause the cancer cells to grow and divide, resulting in tumour growth.

Posted on May 08 2013

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Why did we start our beauty despite cancer online community?

Beauty Despite Cancer has started an online chat room/community for cancer patients to discuss their skin concerns and solutions. We know that there are lots of you with stories to tell and that you all think you are the only one. We take lots of calls from lovely cancer patients wanting a bit of advice about the best Defiant Beauty Product to use given their skin condition. We love to hear from you and sometimes those chats are the highlight of our day. We meet such wonderful people on the phone or via email and are forever touched by your kindness in taking the time out of your days to contact us.

Posted on Apr 26 2013

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