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Cold Caps and Clippers

Sam has just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer for a third time and will be posting more blogs of her current experiences on SamSpace and Beauty Despite Cancer.

Posted on Mar 10 2014

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Yoga for cancer patients

In the yoga tradition Master Patanjali is a very important figure as he was the first person to summarise in 196 aphorisms – the Yoga Sutras ( 200 BC) - thousands of years of ancient practices. His approach is very structured and concise and has allowed generations of students to learn about yoga and to be guided in their studies of this ancient philosophy.

Posted on Mar 06 2014

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Embracing hair loss

Losing your hair is one of the main side effects of having chemotherapy, and this can be quite a traumatic experience.

Posted on Mar 04 2014

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Here comes the Bride

Somerset-based, Naomi Thomas, founder of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, chats to Beauty Despite Cancer about the inspirational organisation helping to give people with terminal illnesses and life limiting conditions, the wedding day of their dreams

Posted on Feb 28 2014

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RCPCH Supports Mental Health Crisis Concordat

In support of the Department of Health's 'Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat: Improving outcomes for people experiencing mental health crisis' the President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health responds.

Posted on Feb 27 2014

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Childhood Obesity Becomes the New Norm

Childhood Obesity Becomes the New Norm, although some countries still manage to get it right, low levels of exercise and poor diet are to blame, say the World Health Organisation.

Posted on Feb 25 2014

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The Art of Display

Hello everyone. This month I am going to talk about how to add finishing touches to a room by creating beautiful displays of your favourite possessions. These finer details harmonise a room, lifting it from ordinary to amazing and bringing out its’ soul.

Posted on Feb 25 2014

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