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Our Last Instalment of Positivity

Our last instalment of positivity from the mysterious CB. CB has been kind enough to document her experience of cancer from diagnosis onwards.

Posted on Oct 23 2013

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The politics of cancer

There is absolutely no escaping politics, even in the world of cancer. Believe it or not, it even exists in the waiting rooms between patients, Chris Lewis tells us more.

Posted on Oct 09 2013

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Embrace – a new boutique in Worcester

Hello. I’m Lisa, one of the girls setting up a company called Embrace. We want to provide some of the much needed support for ladies suffering from cancer and the dreadful effects of treatment.

Posted on Sep 29 2013

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BRCA Babes

Angelina Jolie, Sharon Osbourne, Michelle Heaton are just a few women making the headlines this year with their decision to have preventative mastectomies due to being carriers of a faulty breast cancer gene - BRCA, now our very own Fran makes headlines too.

Posted on Sep 27 2013

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Maintaining your identity going through cancer treatment

When you are diagnosed with cancer many thoughts go through your head, but it is strange the first one that popped into my head was ‘will I lose my hair’? I don’t think I’m alone here, I know many people who have been diagnosed with cancer and we all have the same concern to one degree or another, how will the cancer treatment affect how I look?

Posted on Sep 27 2013

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Your face is a reflection of your internal health

According to the principles of Chinese Face Reading, the internal organ systems are represented in different areas of the face; therefore focussing on changes in the appearance of your face, be it muscle tone or the texture of your skin, can keep you aware of any internal imbalances.

Posted on Sep 26 2013

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