Deportation – that's a first

I have been writing this newsletter for nearly a year. I was in Croatia when I started writing it and here I am again. There have been more than a few travel mishaps along the way, delayed and cancelled fights, broken down cars and a dog to repatriate. Deportation hadn’t featured – until now.

Posted on Aug 17 2017

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3 types of UV radiation from the sun

I thought sun protection was easy – put on the sun cream, a natural sun cream for me please, stay in the shade from 1100 – 1500 and all will be well (assuming I re-apply regularly and after bathing). It seems all is not quite so straightforward.

Posted on Aug 15 2017

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“I’ve not felt so lovely in such a long time”

One of our postgraduate oncology massage-trained therapists, Alice, saw first-hand the benefit of specialist oncology massage treatments on individuals living with and beyond cancer when she worked with one of her case studies.

Posted on Aug 14 2017

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