Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm 50g



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Size: 50g IN STOCK

A light balm formulated especially for skin as it undergoes, and recovers from chemotherapy treatment. This balm contains Calendula,  known for its soothing properties, as well as shea butter, traditionally associated with scar reduction. The essential oils have been chosen for their healing and rejuvenating properties

Instructions for use

Apply to dry, sore, sensitive skin. Ask your medical team before applying to scars, do not apply to fresh scars.



Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter Oil), Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Hypericum perfratum (St John's Wort Oil), Calendula officianalis (Calendula Oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Santalum album (Sandalwood Essential Oil), Citrus auranium amara (Neroli Essential Oil), Citrus nobilis (Mandarin Essential Oil).

The Defiant Beauty Collection was formulated with the help of our local cancer centre.


Product Reviews

I work in a salon on the chemo ward at University Hospital North Staffs. We sell the Defiant Beauty Collections to our clients. This Smooth Skin Balm is our best seller.

Fiona Brunt - October 2013 - Shropshire

My daughter had an allergic reaction yesterday and came out in hives (urticaria) which has only ever happened before when she reacted to penicillin. Anyway, in checking all the lumps and bumps and red patches / insanely itchy areas she pointed out to me how rough her left elbow was where she leans on it while she's drawing using the laptop - she puts her weight on her left side as she's right-handed. I went and got my pot of Smooth Skin Balm and rubbed it over her left elbow. This afternoon, when I finally got home after two hours at Currys, she rubbed her elbow and couldn't believe how smooth it is, and how totally different it feels, after only the one application. Thanks Jennifer

Debra Parry - 21 July 2013 - London

the knuckles on the fingers of my right hand are weirdly raised/enlarged and are also extremely dry. The knuckles on both hands are quite red/dry and the skin is very dry between the ring finger and little finger of my left hand. Most creams have little to no effect, or none that lasts, so I'm keeping my very unattractive fingers crossed that regular use of the balm Jennifer very kindly recommended for me to try will help combat the dryness problem as my hands were not like this when I was younger! Update The balm has really changed my hands- a couple of days back my daughter told me she's really impressed with the difference it's made to them. For a start, I have knuckles on my fingers instead of miniature Auntie Bessie's Yorkshire puddings (raised round the edge, dipped in the centre!). x

Debra - 24 May 2013 - London

I had very dry and itchy elbows. After one use of your Smooth Skin Balm my elbows are no longer red and they have stopped itching. I am ashamed to say that my elbows were getting scaly and now they are no longer. I am truly amazed that one application of such a lovely smelling product can make such a difference.

Rachel - 6 December 2013 - Wolverhampton