Many of those diagnosed with cancer anticipate chemotherapy related hair loss. Few anticipate 'chemo skin'. Here we give you hints, tips and product advice in the hope of lessening the impact of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the skin.

Chemotherapy targets fast replicating cells as tumours grow rapidly, the rate of growth can be one of the ways in which the chemotherapy 'knows' which cells to attack. Despite the development of more targeted cancer therapies, the skin often suffers as a result of treatment for cancer.  Radiotherapy can also be damaging to the skin.

Our products are formulated especially for skin as it undergoes, and recovers from chemotherapy treatment. These products contain Calendula,  known for its soothing properties, and traditionally associated with scar reduction. The essential oils have been chosen for their healing and rejuvenating properties and their traditional use for scar reduction. 

These are the products to choose if you want a luxurious and moisturising product with the gentle and relaxing fragrance of sandalwood and neroli.