Hypothermia Cooling Caps



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Will I lose my hair?

Most patients expect to lose their hair as they go through treatment. Cooling caps have been shown to reduce hair loss and are recommended by many hospitals. Some cancer units do not have enough cooling caps for all and some do not provide them at all.

Using your own caps is always an option and one that you should discuss with your medical team.

Defiant Beauty don't make cooling caps but we do know someone that does.

These are the same caps that are often provided by the NHS and private cancer care providers. Please make sure that they will not be given to you to use before you buy your own. Some patients decide to have their own cooling caps even when they are provided by their cancer units as they prefer not to share.

You will need one cap per 45 minutes of chemo (add 30 minutes to the total infusion time as you will need to cool for 15 minutes before and after chemo).



We are not able to dispatched cooling products to addresses outside the UK.

There is an additional cost for delivery of these items. We will contact you after you place your order to take the extra payment. We are unable to estimate delivery cost as it depends upon your address. We will also contact you with the aim of checking that you are unable to access the cooling equipment via another source. Many hospitals have stock of cooling equipment. Sometimes the nursing staff don’t know it is there but we do! We really don’t want you to buy these items unless you  have to and we will do all we can to avoid your having to pay us, or anyone else, in order to get them

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