Luxury Mens Gift Set


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Luxury Men’s Gift Set

The Luxury Men’s Gift Set is everything you’ll need, and some extras that you’ll want. It contains all of the essentials to combat chemo skin, radiation damaged skin, and nail damage associated with chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. It contains a mix of products from our Defiant Beauty Range and also some products designed to help you kick back and relax.

 This gift set contains:

  • Defiant Beauty Nail Oil (12g)
  • Defiant Beauty Lip Balm (5g)
  • Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil (100g)
  • Defiant Beauty Sleep Ritual (100g)
  • Magnesium Foot Soak
Total Product Value: £34.50

This gift set contains products often bought by well-wishers as a gift for cancer patients. We know that cancer patients suffer with skin-related side effects of chemotherapy. This gift collection contains the products formulated to help cancer patients to address some of the dry skin side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


All gift sets are beautifully gift-wrapped and contain a gift card. Please contact us at the time of order stating your order reference to tell us of the message that you would like to appear on the gift card.