Wig Care Collection



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A Defiant Beauty gift collection for your wig. This gift set contains:

  • Wig Shampoo (250ml)
  • Wig Conditioner (250ml)
  • Cleanse and Refresh (100ml)
  • Wash Bag
  • Recognise Yourself: Beauty Despite Cancer
Wigs need a wash too and this shampoo and conditioner were formulated especially for this purpose. This collection comes with full wig-washing instructions.

This gift set contains products often bought by well-wishers as a gifts for cancer patients. We know that cancer patients suffer with skin-related side effects of chemotherapy. This product is often bought by well-wishers as a gift for cancer patients. We are told that those receiving the gift are relieved to know that there is a beauty brand providing hair and wig care for cancer patients.

All gift sets are beautifully gift-wrapped and contain a gift card. Please contact us at the time of order stating your order reference to tell us of the message that you would like to appear on the gift card.