Defiant Beauty Gift Voucher - £25



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Size: one size

There are so many wonderful gifts for cancer patients available on the Beauty Despite Cancer website, but how do you know which one to buy as a gift?

Balmslip blamsskin oilsserumsspritz, and that is just a few of the different types of skincare products available on the Beauty Despite Cancer website! As for the mineral make-up range, we have everything from eyeshadow to bronzer,  all of which are completely natural and organic.

The Defiant Beauty Gift Voucher is the ideal gift to buy when you aren’t sure exactly what to go for. Whether they go for something from our luxury cosmetics range, or one of our absolutely natural and organic skin-care products, you will be safe in the knowledge that these gifts for specially developed for people with cancer.

The Defiant Beauty Gift Voucher can be used to buy absolutely anything from the Beauty Despite Cancer website! 

So why not give your loved one the gift of choice and let them decide for themselves.  Not only will this guarantee that they get themselves exactly what they want, but it also means that you will know what to gift to get them next time!