Spa Oncology Massage Courses - In-House Accredited Training

Accredited Oncology Massage Courses - Free with minimum product order

(paid training only options available)

'Today replenishes me to fight on against all odds! I'm sure I shall thoroughly enjoy a further visit to Rudding Spa! And if I make my daughters graduation, then perhaps my girls and I could enjoy a wonderful spa day all because of your vision and Rudding Parks commitment to inclusion!  If I have learnt one thing on this journey, it's the lengths many people will go to to support others, and how humbling it is at a time in your life when you feel so terribly exposed in so many ways.' Model and guest of Rudding Park Spa, Harrogate

Prior to our pioneering cancer massage courses spas were unable to touch anyone living with and beyond cancer. Spas want to welcome those affected by cancer; we can help.  Our accredited training includes qualifications for your front of house team, reservations, beauty retail staff, senior staff, the leadership team in addition to your therapists. The Jennifer Young accredited and certified training allows you to provide a full treatment menu to those affected by cancer. The certified oncology massage training is free with a minimum product order (as is all top up and refresher training). All of our courses are accredited by FHT and CThA