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Post Graduate Diploma Balanced Body and Mind

3 Day Oncology massage Course - Post Graduate Diploma in Balanced Body and Mind

2 days massage for cancer patients independent learning 

1 day with face-to-face massage for cancer patients (training with a tutor) 

2 professional bodies accreditation (FHT and CThA)

The Treatment

A bespoke oncology massage course carefully adapted to suit individual needs, using the

specialist oncology massage skills that you will acquire during the Jennifer Young Balanced Body &

Mind Post-Graduate Diploma.


The treatment experience starts with identifying the chakra to be balanced during this indulgent and

soothing full body treatment. Using 100% natural and organic oils blended for their affinity with the

chakra energy centres, as well as crystals, this treatment is ideal for even the most sensitive skins. 


Learn how to harness the power of specialist touch, the energy of the crystals and the therapeutic

benefits of essential oils bring balance, harmony & well-being. Your clients will be left feeling deeply

relaxed.  The experience is extended to include the scalp ensuring that your massage brings total



You will learn how to adapt oncology massage for cancer patients and be insured to do so.


Oncology Massage Course Structure

-  Pre-course oncology massage learning to be completed before attending the practical day

-   Practical day with tutors

-  Case studies to be completed before certification


When you book onto our oncology massage course you will be sent some pre-course learning. This

covers some of the basics of working with cancer patients and those affected by cancer. 


Course Content

-   The biology of cancer

-   Main treatments for cancer and their side-effects

-   Emotional impact of diagnosis and treatment

-   Personal impact of a cancer diagnosis

-   Evidence to support the many well-proven benefits of massage to those affected by cancer

-   Welcoming those affected by cancer to have a massage treatment during the class

-   Adaptations

-   Positioning

-   Hygiene

-   Client Consultation

-   Medical consent

-   The essential oil blends that are suitable for use during treatment for cancer

-   The relationship between those oils and the chakras

-   The crystals known to have an affinity with the chakras

-   The inclusion of crystals in a body treatment therapy for cancer patients


When you attend your oncology training day you will be shown how to work with those affected by

cancer, how to adapt your oncology massage techniques and work with your client to make the

specialist cancer massage the most beneficial it can be for them. The consultation process is

covered in detail, as are the insurance requirements.


The Jennifer Young Balanced Body and Mind is an oncology massage course which focuses on the

chakras, the relationship between certain essential oils and chakras. It also comprehensively covers

the crystals known to have an affinity with the chakras.


Each of our oncology massage training day courses costs £250, for which you receive pre-course

learning, a full day of practical training and support through and marking of your case studies. You will

also be featured on the therapist register on Beauty Despite Cancer. 



Contact us for more information. Or, view our other oncology massage courses and therapies here.