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Professor Robert Thomas MRCP MD FRCR trained at the Royal Marsden Hospital London and is now a Consultant Oncologist at the Primrose Oncology Unit.

Professor Robert Thomas MRCP MD FRCR trained at the Royal Marsden Hospital London and is now a Consultant Oncologist at the Primrose Oncology Unit, Bedford and Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge University Hospital Trusts specialising in Breast, Prostate and Bowel cancer.  He is a Professor at Cranfield University and a clinical teacher at Cambridge University. He is author of the book “Lifestyle after Cancer” and editor of the lifestyle and cancer website

Although still embracing mainstream oncology research and treatments, he has now turned his academic attention to the clinical evaluation of natural lifestyle strategies after cancer.  He directs an award winning active research unit, which has designed several UK studies, published 75 scientific papers and presented extensively at international conferences.

He is chair of the Macmillan exercise expert advisory committee and has designed the UK’s first government approved course for a qualification in cancer rehabilitation for exercise professionals (REP’s level 4) which is now been delivered nationally. This has now enabled the UK’ exercise referral scheme to include cancer rehabilitation. On a personal note, he a keen promoter of exercise, competing in the World Medical games, playing rugby, and running marathons to raise money for his reach unit.

In 2014 he was appointed director of the Cancer Partners UK Living Well Programme (The UK’s largest provider of private Radiotherapy) and gives talks to patient advocacy groups across the UK as well as invited plenary sessions within medical conferences.

As a media spokesman for Macmillan and he regularly gives media appearances including Radio 4, Channel 5 News and Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, Look East, The London programme, Panorama, the Food Doctor with Dr Pixie Mckenna.

In 2001 he was voted Hospital Doctor Magazine “Doctor of the Year” and in 2007 The British Oncology Association “Oncologist of the Year” and 2014 a National Institute of Clinical Excellence best practice award.


Twitter: @cancernetuk

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