Jane Tillier

Jane Tillier is passionate about wellbeing and resilience – for herself and others! 

This passion springs partly from her own experience of the occasional lack of both, and her awareness of the detrimental effects of that lack for herself and those around her. For the last thirty years or so she has been helping people to develop their spiritual depths and resilience in all sorts of contexts, including as a University chaplain in the 1980s, and subsequently as a parish priest/vicar, as a soul friend/spiritual director, and as a coordinator of spiritual care (for people of all faiths and none) in a local hospice. 

In her writing for us she hopes to enable others to draw on the wealth of spiritual resources available to strengthen resilience and wellbeing. There is growing evidence to support her long-held contention that spirituality plays an important role in resourcing people as they deal with life’s great challenges, including diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

Spirituality is an important aspect of being human. It is not the same as ‘being religious’ or ‘going to church’ – though many people, not surprisingly, choose to support their spiritual development in those ways on account of the wealth of wisdom in centuries of exploration in the major faith traditions. Join Jane in exploring some of the big ‘spiritual’ questions that emerge as we journey through this precious life.

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