Gloria Halim

In 2008, Gloria had treatment for breast cancer. Yep –early 30s and in the cancer ward. Like many women, she never imagined that she would find herself in the oncologist’s waiting room.

Meet Gloria Halim, author, holistic health coach and wellness diva.

During treatment Gloria saw an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, where Christina Applegate and her oncologist were talking about her battle with cancer, and how to keep illness away. Can 20 minutes change a life? Who knows? Gloria thinks so. She watched Oprah perched on the edge of her seat, fireworks going off in her head. Because what they were saying was that there are things we can do to avoid illness. Really simple changes we can make that work.

Diet. Exercise. Lifestyle.

After treatment, Gloria was seriously hungry for more information. Gloria ransacked the libraries and read everything she could lay her  hands on: medical journals, research papers, medical papers, books about nutrition, books about cancer and the so-called Western lifestyle diseases. Gloria learned a lot.

Gloria says...

'Here’s the thing: there are proven links between diet and lifestyle and their impact on our health.

And here’s another thing: prevention is simple and way more fun than cure. Believe that.

One more thing: it’s easier to prevent illness than to carry on and hope you dodge the bullets.

No getting away from that. Once you know it, there’s no way you can ignore it. Not if you want to be in control of what happens to you, not if you want to live life to the max – and you can bet I did want that. I wanted it so badly, I revolutionised my life. I took control, said hello to healthy living and healthy foods, and waved goodbye to bad habits.

More than that, it was obvious to me that I should share what I knew with you guys. So I wrote a book – Healing Foods, Healthy Foods – powered up a website, and started Rock On Divas.

Life had taken me by the collar and turned me upside down. I’d decided from the off that no way was cancer going to get me without a fight. I fought back with everything I had: I kicked back, I kicked hard, and I kicked it right out of the park. And when I was back on the ground and the right way up, I opened my eyes and took a good, long look around me. That’s when I decided life wasn’t going to happen to me: I was going to happen to life.

I’m not saying the journey towards living well was easy. It wasn’t. I’m not saying the journey’s complete. It isn’t, and I wouldn’t want it to be – life’s a whole lot more fun when there’s more to discover. What I am saying is that I did it, and I totally believe you can do it too.'

As a holistic health coach, Gloria supports and coaches women healing from treatment and those who want to improve their health. She also run workshops, spa days and retreats and writes health articles for several magazines and gives talks at events.


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