Beverley Sarstedt

I am petite, bubbly, energetic, and have been described many times as a great encourager.

My name is Beverley Sarstedt and I’m a ........?!?  Hmmm, not quite sure really. I’m a wife to the wonderful Kevin and mum to my equally wonderful grown up daughters (still my babes!), Harriette and Belinda. I am petite, bubbly, energetic, and have been described many times as a great encourager. I have been enormously privileged in my life to have been able to develop professionally my main passions. These are Dancing and Health and thanks to my training as a NIA Dance teacher they sometimes fit perfectly together!

As my honours degree included Psychology, I found myself quite by accident working in Medical Sales in the pharmaceutical industry, firstly in Psychiatry and shortly afterwards in Diabetes and Gastroenterology. But, it was a move to the far north of Scotland twenty four years ago that sowed a seed in me which was to become a lifelong journey into Health in its broadest sense as I just happened to move next door to Scotland’s first qualified Medical Herbalist! Natural Health and Nutrition were my hobby and I applied all I learned with an evangelistic passion (much to the embarrassment of my daughters!) I then found myself developing my other passion and again quite by accident found myself teaching Dance and Drama to children, writing and producing many shows and creating wonderful memories.

A move to Aberdeen nine years ago brought new beginnings and life seemed determined to take me back into the Pharmaceutical Industry. This time I found myself working in Osteoporosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and more recently, Diabetes, promoting products and discussing guidelines with NHS customers. Again, there seems to have been a higher purpose to this seemingly, unplanned manoeuvre back into the medical world. The NHS had changed completely with new structures and endless guidelines and the insight I have gained has been invaluable in preparing me for my next move! They used to say life begins at forty but personally, I’m going with 50, as what had been a hobby is fast becoming a new career opportunity as I begin my final year training as a Nutritional Therapist! I have also started writing Healthy Eating Workshops with my somewhat opportunistic Agricultural partner in crime, (I knew there was a reason for her degree in Agriculture!) my daughter Harriette!  And as if that wasn’t enough, an amazing opportunity presented itself to me to work with the wonderful Jennifer Young as part of her unique and inspirational business. Who’d have thought even a few weeks ago, that I would be bringing all of my life experience together in this most exciting and remarkable blog?! It is my hope that I can uncover and unravel some up to date and life changing information from the Pharmaceutical, Natural, Definitely Nutritional and even the Dance Arts in the hope of supporting women who despite their illness just want to remain healthy, happy and beautiful!

Beverley x

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