Angela Mitchell

Angela Mitchell


I am a trained aromatherapist from the Ross Clinic since 2000, a qualified registered general nurse, and I have worked in health and safety over the years before starting my own massage business. I currently work in various settings: private clients, a special needs centre, an elderly care centre and I volunteer at local hospice.

I also write blogs for Certainly Her, an online magazine.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by perfume, glass bottles, bubble bath and general beauty products. As a young child I used to mix all of my Grans bubble bath oils, hoping for that perfect elixir….but usually ended up with one big mess! My Gran recognised that I enjoyed doing this and said to my mum that one day I would end up as a perfumier of some sort. She was almost correct and I thank her for letting me dabble with her treasured bath products!

I am a mum to 12yr old twin girls and they regularly ask me for a massage. Usually it is head and shoulders, occasional tummy rubs or back massage. They love the fact that I’m a massage therapist. It really is a rewarding job. My everlasting love of aromatherapy usually spills over into everything I do, from housework to everyday stresses. There’s an oil for that I usually say.

I hope to bring you lots of inspired ideas via my future blogs with Beauty Despite Cancer. 

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