Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds shares her breast cancer experiences with Beauty Despite Cancer. 

Hi, my name is Sam. I'm thirty five and I am in remission for breast cancer for a third time after a double mastectomy and reconstruction six week ago. After my initial diagnosis with estrogen receptive grade two breast cancer, a lumpectomy and lymph gland removal nearly eight years ago now and a secondary diagnosis in the clavicle of my neck eighteen months ago, I am living with the ever challenging effects of a cancer diagnosis and I am finding it hugely cathartic to write about it all! 

How a woman with a 32A size bra even manages to get breast cancer is a mystery to me, (I was still stuffing socks down my bras at age twenty one!) but despite having a family history, I tested negative for BRACA 1 and 2 and I have since had a zillion questions swimming manically around my head on a daily basis. I have been blessed with a daughter in between diagnosis's (a red haired nearly three year old certainly knows how to keep you on your toes) and she and my husband are what kept me going during this last year but after having it three times, I am now dealing with the fall out; the side effects of the drugs Tamoxifen and Zoladex and I my vulnerability to 'bad cells'! I can't control this disease I feel like a ticking time bomb, constantly looking over my shoulder, wondering if I will be lucky enough to dodge another diagnosis. It's a relative ping pong match!
Yet, This IS life after cancer. Once you have been pulled from the crowd and forced onto the roller coaster ride you know how it can seep like mercury into every corner of your life and you know why so many of us want to share our stories. I don't think mine is particularly dramatic, but it's real and it can be a helping hand reaching across those ever familiar parallel worlds to offer solidarity and reassurance to
others, who like me, are just finding a way to paddle to shore.

 Sam also blogs on breast cancer, survivorship and her experiences of cancer treatment at

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