Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson shares cancer experiences with Beauty Despite Cancer. 

On April 28, 2010, at age 26, I was diagnosed with advanced Stage IIIB rectal cancer with no prior illnesses or family history of the disease at that time.

After chest-port surgery, I began 6 weeks of 24-hour-continous 5FU chemo infusion M-F, as well as pelvic radiation M-F. My first surgery was on August 19, 2010 which included a complete 7cm tumor & rectal resection, multiple lymph node removal, & a permanent colostomy.  My next “precautionary” round of chemo was 6-months of FOLFOX & was followed by a very-much welcomed 4 months of remission until I had a recurrence in July 2011.

I was referred to a Colorectal Surgery Specialist & had my 2nd surgery on September 21, 2011 which included a tumor resection, coccyx removal, complete hysterectomy, complete vaginectomy, & external pelvic reconstruction with muscle & tissue taken from the inside of my left thigh, all by the age of 27. I then did 6 months of Xeloda & had NED since June 9, 2012.

Cancer may have taken a lot from my life but it didn’t take my life & now I’m doing everything I can to help others beat this beast. Together we can make a difference



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