Bugs, slugs and puppy dog’s tails

Bugs, slugs and puppy dog’s tails are the last things that you want to find lurking in your beautiful, luxurious and indulgent skincare products.

Good hygiene in the use of make-up and skincare is important for all. For cancer patients and those going through treatment, or for any other group that has compromised immunity, it is essential. I am sure you know that cancer patients are vulnerable when it comes to infection. This vulnerability means that patients are advised to take steps to avoid exposing themselves to ‘germs’1

It was important for me to take all possible steps to remove the opportunity for ‘germs’ to grow in or on our products. The cleansing mitts and exfoliating sponges can be boiled. Boiling is recognised as a method of sterilisation2 and should destroy any undesirables. 

The packaging of the Defiant Beauty Collections has been designed to minimise the opportunity for contamination. The lip balms are in tubes, not pots, so that you don’t need to stick your finger in it to apply the lip balm; the oils are in pump top bottles or have a dropper dispenser for the same reason. The packaging reduces the contact between user and product; thus reducing the likelihood of contaminants, from hands and fingers, being introduced to the product. 

Not being known to take chances, I have excluded water from the Collections (with the exception of our self-tan, shampoo and conditioner*). When water is introduced into a product it becomes able to harbour and grow germs. Preservatives are required for water-based products (creams and lotions) because of their ability to nurture contaminants.

To summarise:

Slugs, bugs and puppy dogs tails? Not in Defiant Beauty, it’s not ‘The Rules’




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