Chemotherapy Skin Care

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Chemotherapy targets fast replicating cells as tumours grow rapidly, the rate of growth can be one of the ways in which the chemotherapy 'knows' which cells to attack. Despite the development of more targeted cancer therapies, the skin often suffers as a result of treatment for cancer. 


As chemotherapy attacks the skin as well as the tumour, we recommend a wider range of products as skin care for cancer patients undergoing chemo. Defiant Beauty Serum is a wonderfully moisturising and soothing product for the face and Defiant Beauty Intensive Serum is loved by many who feel that going through diagnosis and treatment has left them looking worn.


Dry skin on the body is common and you tell us some amazing things about our Itchy Skin Oil and Smooth Skin Balm. The Smooth Skin Balm is one of the only products to contain essential oils and so it is best to check if the person that you buying a gift for can tolerate fragrance.


Many cancer patients suffer from dry lips, Defiant Beauty Lip Balm is extra moisturising and luxurious.