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Life - all of the things that have piled up whilst you were looking the other way

Do you know how many people get diagnosed and are made redundant or are threatened with redundancy at the same time? How much does travel insurance cost after a diagnosis even though you are recovered and where can you get medical insurance? Those affected by cancer often have enough to think about without having to deal with the mundane, let's face it, this stuff is a chore at the best of times. The Beauty Despite Cancer Life team have got it covered, and, as they are all gifted writers as well as experts - it's a good read. Speaking of good reads, there are a few book reviews for you to enjoy in here too. 


Insurance is a nightmare at the best of times and these are not the best of times. Our Life writers are experts in all things work and finance and that includes insurance. It is frustrating to be punished by insurers for having had cancer - we will help you to get better deals with companies that allow you to keep your dignity and have your holiday.


Where do you want to start? Being threatened with redundancy? No longer wanting to work the way that you used to? Having to fit work around chemo treatments or not being able to? Do you want to start your own business now that treatment is over and help others to overcome a problem that you solved whilst you were going through your treatment? Many of our Life writers have been through it and can help you through it too. They have come out the other side and did lots of note taking on the way. 

Having cancer can be expensive and it is certainly disruptive. Life finance writers post about financial matters that affect you and search for the solutions with you.


Ok, so the hospital look isn't one that you had anticipated adopting and you are not too happy now that it is yours.....worse, your body is changed and you are not sure how to dress? Help is right here. We have blogs, articles and regular 'ask the expert' sessions. Our experts are here to help, answer queries and to tell you all about the latest fashions and how to make them work for you.


Oh, what a lot of conflicting advice - can you have a massage or can't you? Some yoga is good - or is it? How many types of yoga are there and what is the difference? How can positive thinking, indian head massage and reflexology help? Does physio help with post-operative recovery and should your hospital refer you to physio? We hope to guide you through the masses of information and give you the best bits to share with your medical team. Our writers are experts in their field and they have done the research so you don't have to. You will find information on well-being and complementary therapies and their safe use during treatment for cancer and beyond in these pages.