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Jennifer Young's adapted cancer massage improves general health

Adapted cancer massage improves general health

“It encouraged a sense of health and wellbeing.”

Will, 35, from Glasgow, was referred to a Jennifer Young partner health spa by his GP, after reporting joint aches and trouble sleeping after cancer treatment. Will wanted to relax his joints and feel better within himself, he felt that his general health had become “poor” as a result of cancer treatments.


When Will met with Jennifer Young-trained oncology massage therapist, Michelle, he had also been experiencing problems with dry skin patches around his head and shoulders. These cancer treatment side-effects were causing him a great deal of stress and sleepless nights, and he agreed to be a case study for Michelle with the hope of these side effects being reduced.


Jennifer Young oncology massage-trained therapists have 1-1 discussions with clients to ensure they have a detailed understanding of the physical and emotional health needs of each client as, here at Jennifer Young, we know that no two people's experiences with cancer are the same. We believe a holistic approach to oncology massage therapy is key in ensuring clients feel cherished and safe in our therapists’ care.


After learning of Will’s unique needs, through the use of our specialized methods, Michelle recommended the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil to nourish and improve the appearance of his dry skin. Michelle also gave Will a soothing specialist oncology massage, using light touch and giving extra care to areas Will felt were especially in need of some pampering. 


With regular use of the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil, both Michelle and Will noticed a clear improvement in the appearance of his dry skin. Will also reported that the aches and pains he had become so familiar with had improved significantly, thanks to his specialist cancer massage treatments with Michelle.


In a follow-up oncology massage, Will expressed vast improvements to his general health, no longer regarding it as poor, thanks to the intuitive, nourishing care of his wonderful therapist.



Contact us to find out more about ways you can help those affected by cancer. Alternatively, view our specialist oncology massage courses, or shop the Defiant Beauty product range here.




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