Face - Recognise Yourself

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There are so many factors that can lead to a cancer patient no longer recognising his or herself when s/he catches a glimpse of his or herself in a mirror or notices a reflection in a shop window. 

Ageing skin

Many of our clients feel conflict when ageing - they know that it is a privilege to age yet they want to look their best. There are many reasons why patients might experience an accelerated ageing process. I am sure that if you are going through treatment for cancer or have been through treatment for cancer, you don't need me to list them, you just want me to tell you what to do about it.

I suggest a regular and appropriate skin care routine using skin care products that are suitable for your changed skin. You can find more product information below. The Defiant Beauty Skincare Collection was formulated for those going through treatment for cancer with the help of those living with and beyond cancer and their medical team. 

Dry, sore, itchy, sensitive skin

Many chemotherapy treatments attack skin (hair and nails) as well as the cancer cells. This can result in dry, sore, itchy skin. 

Chapped, sore lips

Chemotherapy attacks the lips and the mouth. This can result in chapped, sore, dry lips. Research has found that applying a natural lip balm twice a day from the start of chemotherapy can reduce chapping and improve lip condition. 

Dark circles around the eyes

Fatigue is the most commonly reported side-effect of treatment, particularly for female cancer patients. Dark circles and puffy eyes can result from the exhaustion that is often associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Tender skin that is easily bruised

Be kind to yourself.