Jennifer Young Training Course - Sleep Ritual

8 May 2017

Tickets: By Booking Only

Jennifer Young Post Graduate Diploma in Sleep Ritual

Our clients tell us that they find sleep elusive, not surprising as they are going through so much emotionally and physically. The Jennifer Young Sleep Ritual starts with a Magnesium Foot Bath to relax the client whilst they have a mini-facial and scalp massage. When the relaxing Magnesium has been absorbed, the client is moved to a therapy bed and gently, slowly and repetitively massaged using our Sleep Ritual Body Oil. The oil has been formulated using essential oils known for their sedative properties. The gentle, slow, relaxing movements, the calming Magnesium and the stress reducing fragrance have a soporific effect, making it hard for the client to stay awake. 


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NEC Holistic Health Show

22 May 2017

Tickets: Free

 Monday 22nd May 2017 

  Location:- NEC Birmingham

Time :- 16.15 - 16.45
 Jennifer Young will be giving a talk at the NEC Holistic Health Show 

Helping those affected by cancer with their summer skincare


The summer brings skincare challenges to us all. Cancer treatment can result in side effects for the skin; the sun exacerbates many of these side-effects and can trigger more.


During this interactive and informative talk Jennifer Young, creator of specialist skincare collection Defiant Beauty and founder of the Jennifer Young Training School looks at the ways in which the sun can affect us all.


Jennifer will give practical hints and tips relevant to everyone and will provide a greater insight into the skincare challenges faced by many living with and beyond cancer.


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