One of the best parts of my work is the collaboration that we have with charities. There are so many small charities that do amazing work for some fabulous people.

I want to do as much as possible to promote the work of these charities, who often provide unique and much needed support. If you have ever heard me speak at an event, you will have heard me talk about the charities with whom we work. If you have attended one of our therapy courses (Post-Graduate Diplomas in Oncology Therapies) you are likely to have visited one of the charities that you will find on these pages. Our tutors may well have a day job as a therapy manager with one of these organisations.

Charities need funds in order to do their good work. We’d like to donate some of our proceeds to the charity of your choice. You will find a charity section in our shop. Each charity has chosen a product bust suited to the needs of those affected by cancer and helped by them. You can see the charity pages on the shop menu and you will find a link to the charity product from each charity page. 

30% of the product price from each purchase is donated to the named charity.  You can read more about the charities, their work and the work we do together on the individual charity pages.

If you know of other charities that would like to be featured here, please ask. We would be delighted to hear about and share the good work of others.