Universal Dietary Guidelines NOT So Universal, Study Suggests

Universal Dietary Guidelines NOT So Universal, Study Suggests



Research suggests that universal dietary guidelines are not completely universal, with 62% of Britons adopting their own diet for their body, 47% of whom admitted they did so because ‘following the rules' didn’t work for them.


The majority of Britons disregard universal dietary guidelines and adopt their own tailored diet, a new study suggests; with almost two thirds revealing that they do this. Furthermore a fifth of these participants said that following the universal guidelines had ‘undesirable’ effects on their body.


The study was conducted by the team at, in order to explore whether the universal dietary guidelines worked for everyone. 2,439 UK-based adults aged 18 and over were quizzed as part of the study.


Initially, all participants were asked if they knew much about universal dietary guidelines, to which 75% said they knew ‘a fair amount’ about them, 13% admitted that they did not and the remaining 12% revealed they knew a lot about dietary guidelines.


Wanting to find out more, researchers asked all participants if they followed the universal dietary guidelines; 62% divulged that they did not, instead preferring to adopt their own diet, 21% admitted they didn’t know enough about them to say whether they did or not and the remaining 17% said that they did tend to follow them.






The participants who said that they adopted their own diet were asked why it was that they decided to do this; almost half, 47%, answered by saying that ‘following the rules didn’t work for them’, 33% said they found their own diet ‘easier’ to maintain and the remaining 20% said they found following the universal dietary guidelines 'expensive'.


These participants were asked if they experienced ‘undesirable effects’ on their body when they did follow the universal rules, to which 1 in 5, 23%, stated that they did.


When these participants were asked what affect the diet had on them, 58% answered 'undesired weight gain or loss', 29% said 'skin problems' and the remaining 13% said 'ill health'.


Finally, all respondents were asked if they believed the universal diet guidelines should be scrapped, to which 68% said they should. All 68% said the reason for believing this is because ‘everybody is different’.


Dominic Wood, CEO and founder of, commented:


“Universal guidelines for diet should ALWAYS be taken with a pinch of salt we know that a one size not fit all. Every single physiology is different which meaning the way a person metabolises food and absorbs nutrients differs from person to person. The only way to understand these differences is for individual’s to measure their responses. We want people to understand what works best for them as an individual and to use their understanding of their unique metabolic profiles as a strategy for success.”





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