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The benefits of being home and introducing master classes for cancer massage and oncology facials

The benefits of being home and introducing master classes for cancer massage and oncology facials


Well, I am back and my family have all gone their separate ways – our children are at school and my lovely husband is in London. As predicted, I am bereft. I have discovered that I don’t need a hobby – I have looked at my diary.
Outside of work, my friends predicted my post holiday blues and invited me to narrow boat the day after we returned to Staffordshire – that was a first. There are also been a birthday party to attend and I have managed to squeeze in 4 yoga classes since Saturday. I am a bit too distracted. I really should get back to work.
I have done one job since I returned; I have created anoncology facials master class. The oncology facials master class combines the Oncology Holistic Facials Diploma with the Lifting and Rejuvenating Facials Diploma. We have one course only planned for 20 September in London.
This is a tester class to see how Anna feels about delivering it and to seek feedback from the delegates. We may never run another facials for cancer patients master class……if you would like to join the first, please do. If you have any questions, please ask. The course price is slightly higher than one diploma in order to cover the cost of marking and certification. It is still £200 less than the cost if both courses. Bargain. 
In other super exciting (for us) news – we now have beautiful boxes for most of our products. You can see some of them on our Facebook page.  You will soon be able to see them We’re not quite there yet with our gift set boxes but it won’t be long (I hope).
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"We were immediately impressed with Jennifer's product range and the research behind it. Her products have produced some exceptional results and that fits with Ragdale Hall's own philosophy of offering our guests the highest quality experience we can. Jennifer herself will be directly involved in training our therapists in how to use the products to maximise results, which we believe will make our team one of the best in the country for this specific type of treatment."

Oncology Massage
London 5 November
Glasgow 10 October
Leicester 15 October
Manchester 13 November
Leeds 14 January
Sleep Ritual
London 15 September
Lifting and Rejuvenating Facial
London 20 September
Manchester 29 September
Hand Nail & Foot
Glasgow 19 September
Manchester 16 October 
Please come and see us either at Guys Cancer Centre or at a talk or an exhibition.

Olympia Beauty 1-2 October, London.

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