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‘Any concerns I may have had soon disappeared’

‘Any concerns I may have had soon disappeared’


Susan* contacted us in 2017 looking for recommendations for adapted massage treatments available in her area, Susan was recovering from breast cancer and had not been well recently. The team at Jennifer Young Training School recommended Eden Hall Day Spa as it was nearby and provided all the information she needed.

Susan’s reason for contacting us was that her usual reflexology therapist was no longer available and she was very interested in treatments specifically tailored for clients recovering from cancer.  Susan was a little hesitant with our recommendation as she had never had a full body massage, however decided to take the chance after discussions with our team.

To ensure Susan’s complete comfort, Eden Halls therapist had a relaxed talk with Susan asking various questions before the treatment started. Susan received a Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage; soon after the treatment began her initial concerns disappeared as she felt relaxed from the gentle, soothing touch.

‘’Any concerns I may have had soon disappeared as the massage was very gentle and soothing and I soon felt relaxed. At the end of the session I certainly left the therapy room feeling far more relaxed and much better. Having benefited, for a very long time, from reflexology treatments, it was really good to find another therapy which could contribute to a better well-being."

Susan left Eden Hall Day Spa therapy room feeling better and more relaxed from her Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage treatment. We were more than happy to help Susan to find a local therapist and answer any questions she had.



Contact us to find out more about how you can help people like Susan enjoy relaxing and nourishing cancer massage treatments. Discover our range of Defiant Beauty products, or view our full list of postgraduate oncology courses.




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